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Oshawa Criminal Lawyer

Legal decisions can be difficult and complicated, which is why it’s crucial to take an informed approach. Count on us to guide you in every step of the process.


Oshawa Criminal Lawyer

Legal decisions can be difficult and complicated, which is why it’s crucial to take an informed approach. Count on us to guide you in every step of the process.

Toronto Criminal Defence Lawyers - Zamani Law

Why Choose Zamani Law

An experienced criminal defence lawyer is invaluable when you’re in trouble with the law. Their expertise in the continually changing and complex criminal law can help you avert devastating, life-changing outcomes.

Zamani Law is an Oshawa criminal defence firm with highly knowledgeable lawyers. If you or someone you know are facing criminal charges, contact us for expert legal advice.

Experienced Litigators

When choosing a criminal defence lawyer to protect your rights and interests, it’s requisite that you pick one with experience and a successful track record. Zamani Law has highly experienced criminal defence lawyers who have successfully represented clients facing criminal charges in all categories of the Criminal Code of Canada. Our team is led by Farid, a highly knowledgeable lawyer in criminal law with great defence and trial skills.

Dedicated to Our Clients

Zamani Law’s priority is the client. This is why our Oshawa criminal defence lawyers strive to achieve exceptional results in every case they handle. They do so by working closely with the clients and offering exquisite services from the initial stages of the case to trial. We are passionate and committed to you, and we’ll fight to get you favourable results, such as an acquittal or significant reduction of charges.

Fully-Integrated Criminal Defence Services

Zamani Law is a one-stop-firm for all Oshawa criminal defence services. Our lawyers are well-versed with Criminal Law, and they can protect your rights in any criminal matter, including assault, driving offences, sexual assault, theft, fraud, bail hearing, robbery, and more. Therefore, whichever criminal offence you’ve been charged with, count on Zamani Law to get you desirable results.

Tailored Services

Every criminal case has a set of variables that make it unique. Zamani Law studies every case thoroughly to analyze its details, including the available evidence and potential witnesses. This enables our team to develop a tailored defence strategy that provides the best solution for each case based on its individual details. Our technical, investigative, and evidentiary resources, combined with proficient legal counsel, make it possible to dedicate the time required to attain the best results for our clients.

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Oshawa Best Reviewed Criminal Defence Lawyer

Since the founding of Zamani Law, our team of lawyers and other legal professionals have strived to deliver high quality, dedicated, and comprehensive criminal defence services to our clients. Our relentless commitment and unparalleled skills have helped us fight for many clients and obtain excellent results, even in complex and high-profile criminal cases. Our outstanding track record has gained our firm a solid reputation as a premier criminal defence firm in Ontario.

Read our clients’ reviews and testimonials to see why we are an exceptional criminal defence firm. Feel free to write one based on your experience working with our team.







A bail hearing is one of the most significant initial stages of any criminal case. If you are charged with a criminal offence and are awaiting a bail hearing, you and your surety must be well prepared for a successful hearing. If you’re released pending trial (Judicial Interim Release), you’ll have the opportunity to join and participate in relevant programs and to work closely with your attorneys without any limitations. If your bail hearing fails, your criminal case may be adversely affected.

Therefore, it’s paramount to enlist the services of an experienced criminal defence lawyer to secure your release pending the hearing of your case. Zamani Law has helped many clients attain a successful bail hearing and deal with other bail matters such as bail review and bail variations. Contact us today for a free assessment of your case.

Arms on the face, with a handcuffs on the hands

Domestic violence charges are quite frustrating and complicated, and upon conviction, you can lose a lot, including your family. Although domestic violence is classified under assault in the Criminal Code of Canada, the cases are prosecuted differently than other types of assault charges. Due to the significant repercussions that one may face if convicted, it’s vital to retain a highly experienced domestic assault defence lawyer to protect your rights.

Our criminal defence lawyers in Oshawa have vast experience representing clients facing simple, complex, and high profile domestic assault charges. No matter the complexity of your domestic violence charge, they can defend you and help you attain favourable results.


Young offenders (persons below the age of 18 years) receive special attention in the criminal justice system. This is why most youth offences are tried under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. The YCJA offers more protection to the interests and rights of youths and emphasizes the importance of rehabilitation and assimilation of young offenders into society.

Although the YCJA protects the rights of young offenders, one may end up facing severe consequences if convicted, including a permanent criminal record and incarceration. Therefore, it’s essential to have an experienced criminal defence lawyer by your side to fight for a reasonable outcome in your case. If your child or someone you know is being charged with a youth offence, contact our lawyers for exceptional legal counsel.

Whiskey with car keys and handcuffs concept for drinking and driving

Driving offences include impaired driving, over 80, refusing a breathalyzer, dangerous driving, driving while suspended, and more. If charged with a driving offence, it’s vital to hire a highly-skilled criminal lawyer to represent you. This is because the repercussions you may face upon conviction are quite devastating, including driving license suspension, increased insurance premiums, and even incarceration.

Our criminal defence lawyers have successfully litigated many driving charges in Oshawa, helping clients secure the best possible results. If you or your loved one are charged with any driving offence, our lawyers are your best chance of a reasonable outcome. Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation.

A man in handcuffs detained the transportation of drugs.

Drug charges are among the most serious criminal charges one can face in Canada. They encompass the importation, possession, trafficking, possession with intent to traffic or distribute, and production of controlled drugs and substances, among other offences. Convictions for drug crimes lead to long sentences, employment restrictions, and travel limits, among other life-changing consequences.

Zamani Law has helped many clients facing minor possession charges to serious importation charges avert severe consequences through innovative and meticulous defence strategies. If you’re facing any drug-related charges, get in touch with our criminal defence lawyers. They’ll assess your case and protect your rights throughout the entire process.


Assault is the deliberate application of force on another person without their consent. According to the Criminal Code of Canada, there are various types of assault, including assault causing bodily harm, assault with a weapon, aggravated assault, and more. A threat, which includes deeds and actions that indicate an imminent use of force, can also be regarded as assault. Each type of assault carries significant penalties, especially the ones involving weapons. The Crown takes assault cases very seriously and aims to get the harshest penalties imposed.

To protect your rights and liberties, one should enlist the services of a highly qualified and experienced criminal defence lawyer. Zamani Law has exceptionally skilled lawyers who can defend you when facing assault and threat charges. Contact us for a free assessment of your case.


Firearm and related weapon crimes are serious criminal offences that can ruin the rest of your life if convicted. Some gun crimes include trafficking, importation and possession of firearms, illegal use of firearms, possession of restricted firearms and ammunition, carrying a concealed weapon, and more. Gun crimes and related offences have hefty penalties, including mandatory minimum sentences, particularly for repeat offences.

At Zamani Law, we have the experience, expertise, and resources required to take on even the most serious gun charges in Oshawa. Contact our skilled criminal defence lawyers, and they’ll work to ensure the best possible results in your case.


Theft and fraud entail the acquisition of property from an individual or the public through devious means. Fraud and theft offences are categorized into two, i.e., offences below $5,000 and offences above $5,000. Although the penalties imposed upon conviction are based on the sophistication of fraud or theft, each category poses onerous consequences. Even without jail time, a conviction makes it hard to find employment as it stains your character.

Zamani Law has experience representing clients facing fraud and theft charges in Oshawa. In every case, our team of lawyers and legal professionals work vigorously to attain the most suitable results, including withdrawal or reduction of your theft or fraud charges. Get in touch with our for a free initial consultation on your case.

detained criminal in handcuffs

You can face human trafficking allegations if you recruit, transport, receive, harbour, transfer, or conceal another person. If you exercise control or influence over another person’s movement for exploitation purposes, you can also face criminal charges. These charges carry heavy penalties, including minimum mandatory sentences, life sentences, and more. Therefore, it’s imperative that you hire a highly knowledgeable and experienced human trafficking lawyer in Oshawa to avert such repercussions.

Over the years, the lawyers at Zamani Law have successfully protected the rights and liberties of numerous clients facing human trafficking charges. If you, or someone you know, are in such a pickle, call our lawyers, and they’ll help you mitigate the accusations.

View of sexual harassment in the office

With the rise of sexual assault awareness, mainly through social media, the Criminal Justice System and the Crown are changing the prosecution and investigation of those accused of perpetrating sexual assault offences. The acts that amount to sexual assault include any unsolicited sexual deeds, such as touching, kissing, and rape. These charges have grave consequences, including the addition to the national and provincial sex offender registers, mandatory minimum sentences, and more.

When faced with such a complex and life-altering allegation, it’s indispensable to retain a highly experienced lawyer to defend your character and protect your rights. At Zamani Law, we are well-versed with the laws of evidence and can defend you against a sex assault charge. Contact us today for a free consultation with one of the lawyers.

robber violation property with a mask

According to the Criminal Code of Canada, robbery is the use of force or threat to use force to take or attempt to take another person’s property. This can be from an individual on the street, a store, or a bank. Robbery offences have harsh penalties, including minimum mandatory sentences, particularly when the accused used a weapon or an imitation of one. With such considerable consequences on your life, it’s crucial to hire a skilled lawyer to fight for your rights when robbery allegations are laid against you.

At Zamani Law, we have successfully conducted many robbery-related litigations, getting favourable outcomes for our clients through tailored defence strategies. Contact our Oshawa criminal defence lawyers today for a free assessment of your robbery case.

Handcuffed Criminal

Mischief is the intentional destruction of property or making it ineffective or dangerous. This can be either private, public, or personal property. In the case of personal property, one can face mischief charges if they destroy an item that they only have a partial interest in, or they destroy it for fraudulent reasons. The penalties for mischief charges vary as per the item destroyed and the reasons for destroying it.

If you or your loved one are facing mischief charges, contact Zamani Law. Our criminal defence lawyers will utilize their experience and expertise to protect your interests.

Meet Farid Zamani

Oshawa Criminal Defence Lawyer

Zamani Law was established by one of the most renowned criminal defence attorneys in Ontario, Farid Zamani. Farid studied in the United Kingdom at Buckingham Law School, where he earned his law degree and then came to Canada. Before starting Zamani Law Firm, he worked as an associate lawyer in a prominent criminal and regulatory defence firm in Toronto, where he heightened his defence and trial skills.

Farid has deep legal insights, which he utilizes to vigorously protect his clients’ rights and needs and offer comprehensive legal advice. His passion for defending persons facing criminal charges motivates the entire team at Zamani Law to attain exceptional results in every case.

Apart from his expertise and achievement as a criminal defence lawyer, Farid is also a humanitarian. He gives back to society by helping disadvantaged children all over the world. He is the co-founder of Children Without Borders, an organization that exposes child labour and provides education sponsorships.

Farid Zamani


I am innocent; should I still get a lawyer?

All persons accused of perpetrating a criminal offence are required by law to have legal representation. Therefore, if you are charged with a crime or are being investigated for supposed involvement in one, it’s indispensable that you get a lawyer. It may seem easier and safe to assume that the police will drop the charges if you tell them that you’re innocent, but this is rarely the case.

For example, if your partner accuses you of domestic assault after incurring an injury, the police will arrive at the scene and most definitely arrest you after seeing the injury. Even if, in reality, you didn’t assault your partner, and they only called the police out of anger, pleading innocent might not suffice. In such a situation, having an experienced criminal defence lawyer will help protect your rights and fight the charges against you.

Having a criminal defence lawyer, even when innocent, serves in your best interest. Contact us today, and we’ll defend you against any criminal charges.

What happens at an initial consultation?

At Zamani law, we provide a free initial consultation to our clients. This first meeting is vital to your case as we get to gather all the necessary information about the charges you’re facing and identify possible defence strategies. We also collect your background information, including occupation, citizenship status, and level of education. Our team also reviews and explains the relevance of all the documents the police and court issued you.

The only way for us to achieve the best possible results is by having all the information surrounding the allegations and your honest recollection of the events leading to the criminal charges. This is why it’s important for you to provide all the relevant information as accurately as possible during the initial consultation.

Contact our Oshawa criminal defence lawyers for a free consultation.

What should I do if I get arrested?

If you find yourself arrested and charged with a criminal offence, you should keep in mind that you have rights as stipulated by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and contact your lawyer.

Get a free consultation for your case

Facing criminal charges can be daunting, but you shouldn’t do it alone. Retaining a highly experienced criminal defence lawyer makes it easier to fight charges and navigate the criminal justice system as they are conversant with criminal law.
If you or your loved one are charged with a criminal offence, contact our Oshawa criminal defence lawyers for a free no-obligation consultation.


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