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Specialized Domestic Assault Brampton

Why You Need a Specialized Domestic Assault Lawyer in Toronto

Domestic assault charges are some of the most fraught cases in the Canadian criminal justice system. Not only are the relationships involved particularly close, but the police, the courts, and crown attorneys take domestic assault very seriously and are prepared to prosecute it vigorously and relentlessly. If you are charged...

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Key Defence Strategies Brampton

Key Defence Strategies from A Criminal Defence Lawyer

A good criminal defence lawyer customizes their approach depending on the case, the evidence, and the defendant. However, there are a few strategies that are commonly used in court. In this article, we will review these key defence strategies. Mens Rea and Actus Reus: The Essential Elements of a Crime...

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Charged with theft or Robbery?

Charged with Theft? How a Criminal Lawyer in Brampton Can Help

Have you been charged with theft or robbery? Dealing with the criminal justice system can be confusing and even frightening; in this article, we take a look at these criminal charges and how you can defend yourself with the help of a criminal lawyer in Brampton. What Is Theft? Under...

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Can You Travel with a DUI From Canada?

Impaired driving is a criminal offence in Canada that carries serious penalties if you’re convicted, even if it’s your first offence. While any criminal conviction affects your ability to travel internationally, there is a great deal of variability in how it affects it. Let’s address some of the most common...

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