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Can You Travel with a DUI From Canada?

Impaired driving is a criminal offence in Canada that carries serious penalties if you’re convicted, even if it’s your first offence. While any criminal conviction affects your ability to travel internationally, there is a great deal of variability in how it affects it. Let’s address some of the most common...

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Defending Sexual Assault allegations in Canada

Defending sexual assault allegations involves understanding the essential components of the charge to determine whether or not the allegations can be supported by evidence in court. The Crown must prove each of the elements of sexual assault, as set out in the Criminal Code of Canada. This is called making...

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COVID-19 Bail Roundup

The COVID-19 pandemic, caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus has drastically changed the way we live and work. Those changes have touched almost every aspect of normal day to day dealings. That includes the justice system, and applications for bail. A number of important cases dealing with bail in a post-COVID19...

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Shocked Girl

Extortion Offence: A Primer

We’ve all heard about blackmail. It appears in movies, games, and literature. But, the reality is that there is no ‘blackmail’ offence in Canada’s Criminal Code. Instead, under section 346, we have the offence of ‘extortion’. Extortion punishes those who, through threats, accusations, menaces, or violence, induce or attempt to...

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Criminal Code incidents

Theft: Canada’s #1 Crime

In 2017 the police reported over 1,900,000 Criminal Code incidents. The most common offence of all was theft of personal property under $5,000[i]. The theft of personal property made up 34% of reported crimes. Theft of household property made up another 12%, and theft of a motor vehicle or parts...

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A Bit Of A Background On Bail

A Bit Of A Background On Bail

Bail is a hot topic. Before you go to jail, you may first get bail. In fact, you have a right to it under section 11(e) of the charter. Any person charged with an offence has the right not to be denied reasonable bail without just cause . ‘Just cause’...

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Amber Alerts

Be Aware of Amber Alerts and Abductions

Ontario has had 5 Amber Alerts this year, and each one has attracted multiple calls from the public complaining about the Alert. Lots of people have been calling for people complaining 911 about Amber alerts to face consequences. Thankfully, this time around, the 5 children from Jordan, Ontario who went...

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Crimes of Dishonesty I False Pretences In the Criminal Code

Crimes of Dishonesty I: False Pretences In the Criminal Code

A Winnipeg property developer is charged with taking over $425,000 for work he allegedly never did . He was charged with the crime of ‘false pretences’, which can be found at section 362 of the Criminal Code. The developer allegedly used white-out on the job site locations on invoices, and...

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Oh My, How Disturbing! Disorderly Conduct In Canada

In Canada, under s.19 of the Criminal Code, ignorance of the law is not a defence to committing a criminal offence. And, while ignorance of the law may factor into sentencing decisions, as the Supreme Court recently held[, that may be little comfort indeed to someone convicted of a criminal...

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Gun Crime

Is Tough Time Tough On Gun Crime?

We’ve previously talked about the firearms offences contained in the Criminal Code, and the maximum sentences that go with each. We’ve written three articles talking about the 6 categories of offences. We discussed two categories in each article: Use offences, and possession offences, which you can find here (

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Aiming For Safety By Targeting Guns: Criminal Code Part III

Guns are on everybody’s mind and they’re turning out to be a major issue in our upcoming election. Justin Trudeau has stated that he plans to ban ‘assault rifles’, and also that he plans to give cities the power to ban handguns. This would be a significant change to Canada’s...

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Handcuffed Criminal

Aiming For Safety By Targeting Guns: Criminal Code Part II

In our last article, which you can find here (Aiming For Safety By Targeting Guns: Canada’s Criminal Code), we discussed the ‘use offences’ and ‘possession’ offences portion of Canadian Criminal Code gun laws, after a horrific shooting took the life of a 17-year-old and put several others in hospital. We...

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