Bail reviews are crucial to a successful defense.

Why you need the lawyers at Zamani Law for bail.

  1. Availability: The criminal bail lawyers at Zamani Law are available 24/7.
    We offer service on short notice, weekends, holidays and of course weekdays. Bail lawyers must be available on 3-24 hours notice. We have a team of lawyers to accommodate this need
  2. Geographical locations: We have 15 offices – were probably the largest criminal defense lawyer.
    Our team of lawyers and associates accommodate any court location in the Province of Ontario
  3. Attendance at jails: Were ready to attend your bail hearing or review
    Lawyers at Zamani Law are willing to  attend jails to prepare their clients for a bail hearing
  4. Preparation of sureties: We’ve handled hundreds of bails. 
    Preparing a plan for release and preparing sureties for the presentation of their evidence is crucial to a successful bail hearing. We make the time guarantee the sureties are ready to give evidence
  5. Review of Facts: The bail hearing is the first opportunity to obtain disclosure from the Crown. Careful consideration of cross examination is essential.
  6. Restrictions on liberty: Bail orders often include numerous  restrictions on an accused’s liberty. It is our job to ensure these restrictions are kept to an absolute minimum.
  7. Negotiate with Crown attorney: In some instances, it is possible to negotiate with the Crown attorney for a consent release of the accused.
  8. Getting the case called: One of the problems with bail courts is that they are often over crowded. Our experienced lawyers will make every effort to ensure that your bail hearing will take place the first day it is before the court.
  9. 99% success rate: Our success rate on bail matters is incredible.

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