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Legal decisions can be difficult and complicated, which is why it’s crucial to take an informed approach. Count on our Toronto criminal lawyers to guide you in every step of the process.

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Achieve the best results in your case with Toronto’s Best reviewed Criminal Defense Lawyer.

Akashdeep Singh
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Zamani farid is a very respectful, knowledgeable and professional lawyer. I was charged with drink and drive. I came to His office and told him my whole matter. He saved my life. He is the best criminal lawyer in scarborough. I Will definitely recommend to anyone that needs a good lawyer.
Luciano frangai
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after speaking to a dozen of lawyers regarding my case, the moment I spoke to Farid for first time I knew he was the real deal his experience and knowledge made me feel at ease, Farid has been a pleasure to work with and he got me the best result I could have asked for. if you're in search of a criminal lawyer look no further. Thank you sincerely Farid.
Minh Khoa Tran
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Mr. Zamani got me the best result I can ask for: An Absolut Discharge - for a highly complicated matter. It's such a relief. I highly recommend him and his firm 👍🏽

Why Choose Zamani Law

Criminal allegations are no mere charges to navigate. They are wrapped in uncertainties and, without a proper criminal lawyer, you may end up facing severe penalties for false or exaggerated criminal charges. Zamani Law is a criminal defence firm in Toronto that provides legal representation to persons facing criminal allegations. Our firm’s priority is to protect your rights and expeditiously attain the most reasonable resolution or withdrawal of the charges laid against you.

If you’re faced with any criminal charges, contact Zamani Law criminal defence law firm for a free initial consultation with one of our lawyers. They’ll assess your case and advise on the best way to move forward.

Experienced Criminal Defence Lawyers

Zamani Law comprises a highly experienced team of criminal defence lawyers and legal professionals. The team is led by Farid Zamani, a criminal defence lawyer called to the Bar in 2018. Farid is well-versed in criminal law, as he has successfully litigated many criminal cases throughout the Ontario courts. He works with highly-experienced lawyers, paralegals, and other legal professionals committed to achieving the best results in every case.

Tailored services

Criminal cases are different, and a one-strategy-beats-all approach never yields exemplary results. Every case, no matter how similar it may look to a past case, has its own set of circumstances that make it unique. Having dealt with vast criminal cases, Zamani law understands this, which is why our criminal lawyers thoroughly investigate each case and tailor an innovative defence strategy that will lead to the best possible results.

Our Clients Come First

At Zamani Law, protecting our clients’ interests and rights is our primary goal. This is because we understand the confusion and fear that arises when faced with a criminal charge, and the only way to have some peace of mind is in knowing that there's someone ready to fight for your rights. As our client, we take you through your entire case, explaining what you're facing and what to expect. Our criminal lawyers also take you through our defence strategy, detailing how we intend to protect you as we challenge the charges against you. Our criminal law firm is committed to your case, and we never give up the fight until we achieve the best results possible.

All-inclusive Criminal Defence Services

Zamani Law criminal law firm was established to defend the rights, reputation, and liberty of individuals accused of perpetrating criminal acts. Whether you’re facing drivingassault, robbery, drugweaponsexualfraud, or young offenders’ charges, our highly experienced criminal lawyers can defend you.

Toronto’s Best Reviewed Criminal Defence Lawyer

Zamani Law has earned a Toronto-wide reputation as a firm with exceptional criminal defence lawyers in the city. This is thanks to our dedication to clients, expertise and experience in criminal law, and creative defence strategies that yield excellent results. Our reputation is backed by great success in criminal cases and reviews from the clients we have defended.

The criminal lawyers at Zamani Law are committed to protecting the constitutional rights of clients, working hard to ensure fairness in criminal proceedings, and zealously advocating for criminal defendants.

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Our Practice Areas

We offer the legal representation in all areas of criminal law and justice

Toronto Criminal Defence Lawyer

Farid Zamani, an exceptionally skilled and motivated criminal defence lawyer, is the founder of Zamani Law. He studied at Buckingham Law School in the United Kingdom, where he earned his law degree. He was called to the Bar in Toronto in 2018. He is highly experienced in criminal litigations, having served as an associate in a reputable law firm in Toronto.
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About Farid

Need a hard-working, detail-oriented, and reliable criminal defence lawyer? Consider working with us at Zamani Law. Led by ambitious and exceptionally capable criminal lawyers, Zamani Law promises a solid and skillful defence effort. The firm’s values emphasize professionalism and empathy, which are used to provide defendants facing criminal and regulatory offences with outstanding legal counsel and representation.
Boasting of lawyers well-versed in criminal litigation, Zamani Law’s purpose of existence is to provide the best service and experience to clients who require our assistance. By working tirelessly towards achieving a client’s goals, we strive hard to provide the best criminal defence and representation.
Our passion to protect the rights of clients arises from the humanitarian spirit of our founder, who has worked extensively for the community and as the co- founder of Children without Borders. If you or someone you love needs assistance with criminal or regulatory offences, contact our criminal lawyers.  

What Clients Say About Us

I am absolutely convinced that these criminal lawyers are the best in the GTA I had the best experience with them in terms of professionalism and honesty from the jump all. I can say I am able to live my life and breath again and move forward and that’s the truth thanks to mr Zamani and his Toronto criminal lawyers crew very much appreciated I do recommend them 100% without a shadow of doubt…
Ali Mohamed
Farid Zamani is a very articulate hard working criminal lawyer. He has the best heart and work tirelessly to help his client. He communicates well at every step of the process and keep you informed, which made the actual process less stressful. He has your interest at heart and try to make the process as less painful as possible. Thank you for all the hard work and explanation of the case.
Sanatha Mann


The criminal lawyer Farid Zamani handles all kinds of criminal charges, extradition matters, professional discipline matters, controlled drugs and substances act matters, as well as prosecutions under the occupational health and safety act, environmental protection act and other statutes.

We have a passion to protect and we make the legal process understandable.

Farid Zamani, the founding partner, was called to the Bar in 2018. Farid works closely with Bruce Daley, the firm’s senior partner, who was called to the Bar in 1981. Farid and Bruce have extensive experience in defending all criminal charges and Bruce has appeared in almost every Ontario Court of Justice in the Province of Ontario. The criminal lawyers team at Zamani Law has the experience you need.

Experience in a given area of law is essential. Experience means not only knowing the law, but also knowing the locality where the charges are being prosecuted, as well as the judges and prosecutors themselves. Zamani Law is a defence practice only. Our criminal lawyers defend all criminal and regulatory charges.

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