Farid Zamani is a very articulate hard working lawyer. He has the best heart and work tirelessly to help his client. He communicates well at every step of the process and keep you informed, which made the actual process less stressful. He has your interest at heart and try to make the process as less painful as possible. Thank you for all the hard work and explanation of the case.


Bruce, I have no idea where to begin to thank you. I know it is your job, but it is my life. If I seemed unthankful in court, I am sorry. For I was still in shock at the moment that you told me that I was free to go. I was also very pleasantly and joyfully surprised that you kept your word from the first day that we met in your office. Before meeting you I had gone to several other lawyers for my case. The main difference between you and the rest was that you had obvious confidence in your ability, and so that is why I chose you.


Mr. Zamani provided me with his legal assistance in a hard confusing situation , he is such a proficient eloquent, knowledgable and tactful lawyer who can elaborate and explain the available legal options in complete honesty , i was being updated on my case on a daily badis , never was left in the dark about my situation, i do appreciate the assistance he provided me with that comletely settled my case.


Bruce, thank you for sending me the report. I am extremely grateful and happy and entirely satisfied with the excellent result achieved. I am very impressed with the high standard and style of your works. Thank you so much.


I met Farid Zamani while I was facing a DUI charge & Over 80. Farid is very professional, and kept me calm throughout my trial. He explained the possible outcomes of my trial thoroughly. As expected, I was in a panic state but his assurance & confidence really helped me to believe that I was in good hands! My DUI & Over 80 was reduced down to a HTA offence – Careless driving. I can finally move on with my life. Thank you to the team for fighting to give me a second chance at life. Forever grateful!


Mr. Daley, just a little note to thank you so much for all you hard work on our case. Something like this was not only our son’s problem but a family problem. We know our son has learned from this experience. Having it go on for so long always kept it in his mind. Once again thanks so much for everything. You are not only a good lawyer but also a good person. We all enjoyed working this matter out with you.


Bruce, we would both like to take this opportunity to thank you once again. You have been like a “knight in shining armour” defending our cases at trial. You have given us the opportunity for a second chance and it will always be greatly appreciated.


I switched lawyers in between my court proceedings as my other lawyer was not responding to any of my inquiries and not attending my court dates. I was involved In a domestic matter and had two pending charges. I interviewed many lawyers and decided to go with Mr ZAMANI because of his professionalism. He got my charges withdrawn and on top of that answered every single one of my questions with great knowledge and expertise. One of the best lawyers I have ever come across and he has a great network and support group who he works with. He is very professional and an exceptional all around lawyer. If anyone needs a lawyer who will be by on their side hand by hand and who will literally give them a peace of mind in a legal matter look no further than Mr ZAMANI.


I don't know where to start, but the moment I decided to go with Mr. Zamani and his whole team Mr. Daley Byers.. I felt so much more comfortable than I was before. Mr. Zamani and his whole team are outstanding and beyond professional and will tell you what it is.They make you feel so confident that you will win the case in a heartbeat. They always kept they're word from the jump that I will win the case and that's exactly what happened. These guys are true legends and will make you feel confident and make sure you aren't stressing! I TRULY recommend Mr.Zamani and his team Daley Byers. Once again I could not thank you guys enough! Truly are in good hands with them.