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Why Choose Zamani Law

Being charged with a criminal offence is one of the most challenging, confusing, and distressful situations that an individual may face. This is particularly true because the consequences pertaining to obtaining a criminal record, jail time, financial penalties can be devastating. Zamani Law is a criminal defence firm that provides exceptional legal representation to help you fight criminal charges, in a way that gives you a peace of mind. Our criminal defence lawyers in Scarborough are highly-experienced in criminal litigation and uniquely qualified to secure a favourable outcome for your case.

Criminal Defence Lawyers

A criminal case puts the rest of your life, including career, future prospects, and freedom in jeopardy. Having an experienced criminal defence lawyer in Scarborough can help you avert some, or even all, of the risks and consequences your case poses.

Zamani Law has a diverse team of legal professionals who have years of experience dealing with criminal cases. Their expertise is invaluable in your case. They will spend a considerable amount of time and resources to conduct a thorough investigation, formulate an appropriate defence strategy, and make sure that you obtain the best possible outcome. Their familiarity  with the jurisdiction in which they operate, including knowing who the Crown Attorneys are, understanding of the criminal court system plays a vital role in advancing your legal rights.

Get in touch with us, and benefit from our years of experience litigating criminal cases in Scarborough.

Customer-Oriented Services

At Zamani Law, our clients’ legal interests are our priority. This is because we understand the confusion and fear that comes with being charged with a criminal offence. We strive to return your confidence by guiding you through your case and our plan to combat the charges.We also offer a free initial consultation, where we learn about your case, and you get to evaluate our skills based on our assessment of the case and defence plan. This will allow you to decide whether we are a good fit for you.

All-inclusive Services

The criminal defence lawyers at Zamani Law have in-depth knowledge of the Criminal Code of Canada and the Youth Criminal Justice Act, which are used to prosecute criminal cases. Their comprehensive understanding of criminal law helps them defend individuals facing diverse charges, including driving offences, drug crimes, weapon offences, domestic violence, assault, robbery, and more. No matter the severity of the criminal charges you are facing, you can rely on us to mitigate them and protect your rights.

Scarborough Best Reviewed Criminal Defence Lawyers

Since the establishment of Zamani Law firm, our lawyers, led by Farid, have strived to provide high-quality legal services to every client. Our commitment to clients, expertise, and creative strategies has made us a reputable criminal law authority, which is evident from the many successful cases we have handled. Our clients’ reviews also support our claim as a successful and respected criminal law firm in Scarborough.

Feel free to submit your review based on your evaluation of our services.

Practice Areas

Bail Hearings

When you are arrested and charged with a criminal, in some cases, you may be incarcerated. To determine whether you will be released or remain incarcerated pending your trial, a bail hearing is held at the Ontario Court of Justice. This is an integral part of any criminal case, because securing a release from custody ensures that you can continue to work on your case with your lawyer while being on a release, and reinforces the presumption of innocence is upheld as a constitutional principle.

At Zamani Law, we have successfully conducted hundreds of bail hearings and other bail matters, including bail reviews and bail variations at the Superior Court of Justice. We are experienced in all bail issues, and we are a call away to help you or your loved one.

Domestic Violence

Although domestic violence typical result in being charged with assault, it’s treated and prosecuted differently than other types of assaults. It usually entails the use of violence within a domestic relationship, such as between couples, common-law partners, or a parent and a child. A domestic violence criminal charge is complex and requires the expertise of an experienced criminal defence lawyer to fight the allegations.

Get in touch with our experienced lawyers for exceptional defence against domestic violence charges. Our criminal defence lawyers in Scarborough work to attain only the best possible outcome, including withdrawal of the allegations you’re facing.

Youth Offences

In most situations, youth offences (crimes committed by a person of 12-17 years of age) are investigated and prosecuted in accordance with the Youth Criminal Justice Act. This act provides special treatment to young offenders, given that they lack moral culpability due to their diminished maturity. The YCJA has strict limitations on how the Crown ought to prosecute youth offenders. It stresses on the importance of rehabilitation and reintegration of youths into society. Despite the legal advantages offered by the YCJA, youth offences still pose serious consequences that could affect the rest of your life.

The lawyers at Zamani law are well-versed with the YCJA and ready to defend young people against criminal charges. Don’t let a youth offence ruin the rest of your life! Contact our experienced criminal defence lawyers in Scarborough for expert legal counsel.

Driving Offences & DUI

Impaired driving, drugged driving, driving at or over 80mgs, refusing a breath sample, and many other driving offences are criminal acts. When charged with a driving offence, its vital to secure legal counsel due to the penalties that some offences carry. For many years, the lawyers at Zamani Law have defended clients against driving-related charges, giving them the necessary expertise to tackle any driving offence you may be facing.

Contact our criminal defence lawyers today for a free consultation.

Drug Crimes

Drug crimes include production, importation, trafficking, and possession of illegal or controlled drugs and substances. With the opioid and street drug crisis in Canada, those convicted of drug offences face severe penalties, including lengthy sentences and a permanent criminal record.

When faced with a drug charge, having a criminal defence lawyer who is well-versed in drug-related criminal laws and has experience defending against drug charges is essential. Based on your criminal charges, the defence lawyer will build a formidable strategy to challenge the case against you and obtain the best possible results.

Assault & Threats

According to the Canadian Criminal Code, the intentional application of force on another person, either directly or indirectly, is considered an assault. There are several categories of assault charges, including simple assault, assault with a weapon, assault causing bodily harm, aggravated assault and more. The categories vary in severity, but each carries severe consequences upon conviction. For example, a simple assault conviction can lead to up to 5 years in jail.

A threat is any deed, action, or words that imply beyond reasonable ground the intent to use force on another person.

Retaining an experienced criminal defence lawyer for a threat or assault charge makes a huge difference in the results of your criminal case. Contact us for a free consultation on the allegations you’re facing.

Weapon Charges

Firearm offences are taken very seriously by the Crown, and they carry severe consequences, including mandatory minimum sentences. For repeat offences, the penalties imposed upon conviction are much higher. Therefore, it’s advisable to retain the services of an experienced defence lawyer in Scarborough to defend against gun-related charges.

Zamani Law has successfully defended many clients facing gun crime charges, including carrying a concealed firearm, unlawful use of a firearm, possession of an unregistered firearm, and other gun-related crimes. Call us today for an exceptional defence against your charges.

Theft & Fraud

Theft involves taking or using another person’s property without their consent, for example, shoplifting. Fraud is a category of theft offences that involves acquiring another person’s money, land, or any other property through deceitful methods, such as stealing someone else’s details to create a fake credit card.

Depending on the sophistication of the theft or fraud offence, one can face a range of consequences, including minimum mandatory sentences. Zamani Law has the experience to defend you against fraud or theft charges, and they can alleviate the charges to obtain a better outcome, such as withdrawal of the case or a non-custodial sentence. Contact us for a free consultation on your case.

Human Trafficking

According to the Criminal Code of Canada, human trafficking offences encompass a wide range of criminal acts. Some of them include transporting, holding, harbouring, or receiving a person, receiving financial benefits to facilitate trafficking, destroying or withholding a person’s identification documents, controlling or influencing a person’s movements, and more.

Human trafficking and related offences pose severe penalties, including minimum mandatory sentences upon conviction. If you are facing human trafficking and any related charges, our experienced Lawyers at Zamani Law can defend you.

Sexual Assault

The Criminal Code of Canada terms sexual assault as any unwanted sexual activity, no matter how minor. This includes an unsolicited kiss, sexual touch, intercourse, and more. With the increased attention and awareness on sexual offences, primarily through social media, these charges are becoming more complicated, and they carry very severe penalties.

At Zamani Law, we understand the risks involved in such matters, and we are ready to scrutinize the evidence presented against you. As experienced sexual assault defence lawyers in Scarborough, we can help you fight any sexual allegations to attain positive results, including an acquittal.


Robbery is one of the most serious offences in the criminal code, and it carries the potential for life a sentence. This is because unlike theft, robbery entails the use of violence or threats of violence when taking or attempting to take property from an individual, store, office, bank, or other premises.

Robbery offences carry severe penalties, especially for repeat offences and when a weapon was involved. Therefore, it’s essential to have experienced legal representation. At Zamani Law, our lawyers have successfully defended many clients facing robbery charges. Contact us for a free consultation with one of our criminal defence lawyers in Scarborough.


Mischief charges can be laid against you if you deliberately damage property, or render it dangerous, useless, or ineffective. Even when the property is yours, you can face mischief criminal charges in certain circumstances. For example, if you only own a part of the stuff you damaged or you did it with the intent to defraud.

Mischief offences carry a range of penalties based on the act, intention, and the property destroyed. Contact us today to help you alleviate the mischief charges you’re facing in Scarborough.

Criminal Defence Lawyer

Farid Zamani is an exceptionally skilled and motivated criminal defence lawyer. He is the principal lawyer and founder of Zamani Law, a premier criminal litigation boutique in the heart of downtown Toronto. He attended law school at the University of Buckingham in the United Kingdon, where he specialized in criminal law. When Mr. Zamani returned to Canada, he developed his reputation at a leading criminal law firm in Toronto prior to establishing Zamani Law.

Farid has a reputation for being a passionate advocate in the courtroom. Outside of the courtroom, Farid has solidified himself as a leader and a compassionate humanitarian.  Apart from being an exceptional criminal lawyer, He is the co-founder of Children Without Borders (CWB), a non-profit organization that raises awareness on child-labour and offers educational sponsorships for children from rural areas of Afghanistan.

Farid has defended the full spectrum of criminal offences, which means that he can protect you when faced with any criminal charges. Call us on 416-627-1318 to speak to Farid or other lawyers at Zamani Law.

Scarborough Crown Attorney’s Office

The Scarborough Crown Attorney’s Office is responsible for prosecuting criminal offences arising in Scarborough. It’s made up of Assistant Crown Attorneys, Management Level Crown Attorneys, Clerks, and other legal lawyers, who investigate and prosecute criminal cases.

The lawyers at Zamani Law defend you from these criminal cases through meticulously planned and executed defence strategies. Having litigated cases in Scarborough for many years, we are acquainted with the attorneys at the Crown’s office, which makes negotiations for better results more efficient.

Here are the contact details for the Scarborough Crown Attorney’s Office:

Crown Attorney’s Office, Scarborough

1911 Eglinton Ave. East

Scarborough, ON

M1L 4P4

TEL: 416-325-0342

If you’re looking to contact the Crown’s office, it’s always advisable to do so with or through your attorney.


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