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Why Choose Zamani Law

When criminal charges are laid against you, retaining an experienced criminal defence lawyer is vital. This ensures that your rights and freedoms are protected from the beginning of your case. Without a lawyer, you might end up facing severe consequences for exaggerated charges or an offence you didn’t commit. Zamani Law is a criminal defence firm that strives to provide exceptional defence services to Brampton residents. Our team of highly experienced lawyers utilize meticulous defence strategies to protect and defend clients against criminal charges.

Criminal Defence Lawyers

Zamani Law is led by Farid Zamani, one of the most reputable and highly experienced criminal defence lawyers in Brampton. He earned his expertise through years of working as a defence attorney in a recognized firm in Ontario. His skills and aggressive defence strategies make him a great lawyer to have by your side when faced with criminal charges. Farid works in conjunction with a team of other lawyers, who are also highly qualified to defend your rights and ensure a favourable resolution of your case.

Customer-Oriented Services

As a reputable criminal defence firm in Brampton, Zamani Law provides all-inclusive services. This means that we protect the interests of clients accused of perpetrating any criminal act, including theftfrauddrug crimesweapon crimesdomestic violence, mischief, driving offences, and assault. Therefore, whatever criminal charge you’re facing, our experienced criminal defence lawyers in Brampton can protect your rights and develop a defence strategy with the best outcome possible.

You Come First

Zamani Law understands the mayhem that criminal charges can put in one’s life. This is why we are committed to protecting our clients’ interests through our negotiation and trial skills. We analyze all the unique facts of your case and create a strong defence to counter the allegations laid against you. Our team takes you through the details of your case and our plan to get the best results. Through every step, we will be with you. Your interests and needs come first.

Tailored Services

Every criminal case is unique and requires meticulous analysis to understand its facts. Our team of lawyers, paralegals and other law professionals work together on every aspect of your case, including examining the evidence provided by the Crown. This leads to a strong and innovative defence tailored to achieve the best resolution of your criminal case.

Brampton Best Reviewed Criminal Defence Lawyer

Zamani Law Firm has earned an outstanding reputation throughout Brampton as an exceptional criminal defence firm. Our colleagues, clients, and even the Crown Attorneys recognize our zeal to protect our clients’ interests through well-calculated and executed defence strategies. Our reputation is backed by testimonials and reviews from our previous clients, who we represented in various criminal cases.

Contact us for legal representation in your criminal case.

Practice Areas

Bail Hearings

When you get arrested and charged with a criminal offence, you are placed into custody, and a bail hearing is set. This involves convincing the criminal court that you can be released and trusted not to commit any offence or miss your court hearing. Having a criminal lawyer with the necessary skills to secure your release is vital because if the bail hearing and consequent bail review fail, you may remain in custody until your trial. This may be weeks or even months, depending on your case.

At Zamani Law, our criminal defence lawyers have successfully helped many clients with bail matters. They are meticulous at analyzing cases and finding a solution for any issues that may arise during bail hearings to ensure a successful outcome. Count on our expertise when facing criminal charges.

Domestic Violence

When an assault occurs within a domestic relationship, for example, between a couple or common-law partners, it’s treated differently than when it occurs between strangers, for example. Domestic violence offences are quite complicated, given the existing relationship between the defendant and accuser. The Crown takes domestic assault charges seriously, and it’s indispensable that you have an experienced Brampton criminal defence lawyer to protect your rights.

Domestic violence charges carry serious consequences upon conviction, and our lawyers strive to protect you from them. Contact us today for exceptional legal counsel.

Youth Offences

Being prosecuted with a criminal offence as a youth can be quite distressful, especially when you end up with a criminal record or a sentence. This can tumble the rest of your life. The Youth Criminal Justice Act is used to investigate and prosecute young offenders. Although the act is more lenient on punishing the youth and encourages rehabilitation and reintegration into society, youth offences still pose severe penalties.

Zamani law has been protecting the future of Brampton youths facing criminal charges through excellent defence strategies. If your son, daughter, or someone you know is facing criminal charges for a youth offence, call our Brampton criminal defence attorneys for a free consultation on the case.

Driving Offences & DUI

Driving offences encompass DUI, driving over 80, careless driving, driving while suspended or prohibited, fatality cases, refusing a breath test, and more. Driving violations are taken seriously by the Crown, and they carry significant consequences if convicted, including fines, a criminal record, and minimum mandatory penalties such as MTO coursework.

Therefore, it is advisable for Brampton residents charged with driving offences to seek legal advice before they find themselves facing significant negative consequences. Our lawyers have successfully handled a ton of driving charges, and they can help you obtain better results in your criminal case. Contact us today for exceptional legal advice.

Drug Crimes

Criminal offences involving illegal and controlled drugs and substances, such as opioids, traditional street drugs, and synthetic drugs, are some of the most serious charges one can face. This is because most drug charges pose significant repercussions, including a permanent criminal record and mandatory minimum sentences.

As your criminal defence lawyers, Zamani Law will utilize their experience and expertise to defend you against any drug charges you may be facing.

Assault & Threats

Assault is the application of force on another person without their consent. The Canadian Criminal Code categorizes assault offences into aggravated assault, assault with a weapon, assaulting a police officer, and domestic assault, among other categories. Threats can also be perceived as assaults when the deeds, actions, or words insinuate incoming violence.

Assault charges carry severe punishments, and we work to help our clients avert them. As experienced lawyers, we formulate strong strategies, which will lead to a positive resolution in your assault criminal case.

Weapon Charges

Possession of unregistered firearms, trafficking firearms, importing weapons, carrying a concealed weapon, assault with a firearm, pointing a firearm, illegal use of firearms, and possession of prohibited firearms are among the many gun crimes outlined by the Criminal Code of Canada. These offences are serious, and many of them pose severe repercussions, including minimum mandatory sentences, weapon prohibition, and permanent criminal records.

Working around the risks posed by gun-related charges requires retaining experienced Brampton criminal defence lawyers, such as the ones at Zamani Law. Rely on the expertise of our lawyers to fight your assault charges.

Theft & Fraud

Theft and fraud involve acquiring property or attempting to acquire it through devious means. The criminal justice system takes fraud and theft offences seriously, especially when it involves stealing public property, such as money or land. The penalties imposed after the finding of guilt are severe and vary depending on the sophistication of the fraud or theft offence committed.

Being charged with theft and fraud offences can damage the rest of your future, as you may end up with a permanent criminal record, among other repercussions. Zamani Law has successfully handled many theft and fraud cases, and they can help you avoid unseen repercussions. Contact us for a free no-obligation consultation.

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking offences are among the most serious criminal charges anyone can face as most have mandatory sentences, even for offences that may seem minor. Human trafficking crimes are wide-ranging, and they include transporting, receiving, holding, or concealing a person or facilitating in any way the exploitation of another person for personal benefit.

The consequences of a human trafficking conviction are quite onerous, and it’s in your best interest to seek legal counsel from an experienced lawyer. Our Brampton criminal defence lawyers are highly experienced in such cases, and they can mount an aggressive defence strategy to protect your rights and liberties despite the novelty of the charges you’re facing.

Sexual Assault

According to the Criminal Code of Canada, unsolicited sexual activities, including touching, kissing, and intercourse, can lead to sexual assault charges. Sexual assault is one of the most serious offences, and it carries a significant amount of negative repercussions, including social stigma, registration on sex offender lists, mandatory sentences, and more.

The litigation of sexual assault offences is becoming increasingly challenging as the way the cases are investigated and prosecuted keeps changing. This means that without a Brampton criminal defence lawyer who stays updated on the changes, you may end up facing severe repercussions.

Contact our lawyers today, and they’ll help fight the charges against you.


Robbery is taking or attempting to take property by using violence or threats to use violence. This stretches from taking a person’s property to robbing a store or a bank. When the offence involves a weapon or an imitation of one, or when it’s a repeat offence, the risks get grave, including years of mandatory sentences. When facing robbery charges, it’s essential to get the assistance of an experienced criminal defence lawyer, particularly given the severity of the potential consequences.

Our lawyers have years of experience successfully defending the rights and liberty of individuals facing robbery charges. If you find yourself in such a predicament, contact us for a free consultation on your case.


The willful destruction of property can have you facing criminal mischief charges in Brampton. According to the Criminal Code of Canada, the penalties you face are determined by the value of the damaged property. Mischief charges carry the potential for incarceration, and, therefore, when facing such charges, having an criminal lawyer is vital.

Zamani Law has tremendous experience defending clients against mischief charges. When faced with such charges, rely on our negotiation and trial expertise to achieve a fair resolution.

Criminal Defence Lawyer

Zamani Law was founded by Farid Zamani, a leading criminal defence lawyer in Ontario. He founded the firm to protect the rights, liberties, and interests of clients facing criminal charges. Farid acquired his law degree from the United Kingdom’s Buckingham Law School, after which he came to Canada to practice Criminal Law. Before starting Zamani Law, he worked as an associate with a top criminal defence firm in Toronto.

Farid is a vigorous lawyer with extensive trial experience in criminal cases. He has successfully represented numerous clients facing even the most complex criminal charges. His in-depth understanding of the criminal law, innovative defence techniques, expertise, and commitment to his clients makes him one of the most sought after criminal defence lawyers in Ontario.

Apart from providing exceptional criminal defence services, Farid is committed to giving back to the community, especially to disadvantaged children across the globe. He is the co-founder of Children Without Borders, a non-profit organization that provides education sponsorships to kids and raises child-labour awareness.

Brampton Area Criminal Law Resources

Brampton Courthouse and Crown Attorney’s Office

In Brampton, criminal cases are litigated in the Ontario Court of Justice and the Superior Court of Justice. The courts are located at A. Greenville & William Davis. The two courts hear all criminal cases arising from the arrests and charges made in the Brampton area. 

The Crown Attorney’s office is also located at A. Greenville & Davis. The Crown attorneys work with law enforcement to build criminal cases, which they then prosecute in the Brampton courts.

Here are the contact details for the Brampton courts and Crown Attorney’s office:

Brampton Courthouse (A. Greenville & William Davis)

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As one of the most experienced, reputable, and resourceful criminal law firms in Brampton, Zamani Law is here to protect your rights and defend you when faced with any criminal charges. Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation on your case with one of our criminal defence lawyers.

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