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Legal decisions can be difficult and complicated, which is why it’s crucial to take an informed approach. 

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Why Choose Zamani Law

The criminal justice system is challenging to navigate, especially when fighting criminal charges. This is why, when charged with a criminal offence, you should get expert legal advice throughout every step of the process, from bail hearing to trial.

Zamani Law has extensive experience fighting criminal charges, and we understand how frightening it feels when everything is at stake. Our Kitchener criminal defence lawyers are here to explain the process, defend your rights and freedoms, and fight to attain the best possible outcomes in any criminal charges.

All-inclusive Criminal Defence Services

As a premier criminal defence firm, Zamani Law handles all aspects of criminal law. If you’re charged with any criminal offence, including drug, weapon, robbery, assault, driving, and fraud offences, our team of legal professionals can help you throughout the entire process, from bail hearings to a jury or judge trial. We’ll analyze your case, conduct thorough investigations, and devise the most effective defence for the criminal charges.

Tailored Criminal Defence Services

Every criminal allegation has different circumstances surrounding it. To create the most effective defence strategy, our team combs through all the details of your case and conducts investigations into the charges against you. We then explore all the possible defence options and settle on one that ensures the best outcome as per your case’s unique details.

Commitment to Clients

At Zamani Law, we put the interests of our clients first. This is because we understand that being charged with a criminal offence is quite frightening and confusing, and the only way to survive the process is to have a committed criminal defence lawyer by your side. We offer a free initial consultation and flexible payment plans, making the process comfortable for our clients. Count on us to protect your rights, and fight for the best possible results.

Extensive Criminal Defence Experience

At Zamani Law, we are criminal law authorities. Our criminal defence lawyers, led by Farid Zamani, have impeccable track records in successfully handling criminal charges all over Ontario. With our teams’ experience, resources, and expertise, we can fearlessly defend you from even the most serious criminal offences. Put our success behind you and experience exceptional legal representation.

Kitchener's Best Reviewed Criminal Defence Lawyer

Zamani Law protects the rights and liberties of Ontario residents by providing reliable, high-quality criminal defence services. We provide outstanding services through hard work, adequate preparations, creative and effective defences, criminal law expertise, and commitment to our clients. Our consistent success in protecting persons charged with criminal offences has earned us an Ontario-wide reputation as exceptional criminal defence lawyers.

Our reputation is evident through the testimonials and reviews from the clients that we have represented. Feel free to leave a review based on your experience working with our firm.

Our Practice Areas

We offer the legal representation in all areas of criminal law and justice

Kitchener Criminal Defence Lawyer

Farid Zamani, an exceptionally skilled and motivated criminal defence lawyer, is the founder of Zamani Law. He studied at Buckingham Law School in the United Kingdom, where he earned his law degree. He was called to the Bar in Toronto in 2018. He is highly experienced in criminal litigations, having served as an associate in a reputable law firm in Toronto.

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About Farid

Zamani Law was established by one of the most experienced and reputable lawyers in Ontario, Farid Zamani. He started the firm to provide high-quality defence services at affordable costs to persons charged with criminal offences.

Farid earned his law degree at Buckingham Law School in the United Kingdom. After completing his studies, he came to Canada to practice criminal law, and he has established himself as a reputable defence lawyer. Farid has in-depth knowledge of criminal law, rules of evidence, and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. He utilizes his expertise and experience in criminal law to defend and protect his clients vigorously.

Farid is also a humanitarian, and he works with numerous organizations that provide aid to disadvantaged children. He is the co-founder of Children Without Borders (CWB), a non-profit organization that offers education sponsorships and raises awareness on child labour.

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What Clients Say Farid

I called Mr. Zamani not knowing what to do. Never having been in a situation like this before I was terrified. A family member needed my help and I needed his help. Mr. Zamani put me at ease with the first conversation. His is extremely professional, compassionate and knowledgeable. He was in constant contact with updates to help ease anxiety. Lawyer can be intimidating, but I feel safe and secure with Mr. Zamani. Thank you for your expert help and kindness. I highly recommend Mr. Zamani to navigate such challenges in life. Thank you!!!

- Heidi van Vlymen
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