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Zamani Law experienced in Criminal Law but also realizes that providing a wide scope of services for their clients is of the utmost importance. With this in mind, Zamani Law has formed alliances and associations with specialists who are leaders in their areas of expertise and have years of experience serving clients in the greater Toronto area.

We will be glad to direct and support our clients in any of the areas below. Please contact our office for your free consultation.

Family Law
Wills and Estate Planning
Real Estate

Family Law

Family Law litigation is often linked to criminal proceedings, as a result it is important to retain the services of an experienced family law lawyer to work with other criminal law firms. Family law disputes are fraught with intense emotion and you require an experienced and understanding lawyer. Our family law associates meet all the requirements necessary to protect your interests in addition to any related criminal matters. We will provide the expertise necessary to make an informed decision in direction and execution for the unique litigation that may be appropriate in your particular case.

Call Zamani Law today for your free consultation. We would be pleased to assist you as you embark on this complex and sometimes emotional endeavor. We do understand and can provide the expertise that you require.

Wills and Estate Planning

Execution of wills and estate assets can vary in complexity and here at Zamani Law we have the resources to provide the appropriate level of expertise to minimize the expense to the estate but equally important to ensure that the matters are executed in a timely manner during a period that may be emotional to the parties involved.

Services range from routine execution of wills to mediation during disputes between parties. While important to minimize those occurrences when these matters actually proceed to trial within the court process, we are well positioned to provide the level of services appropriate for the situation.

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Real Estate

Here at Zamani Law we ensure that the legal services associated with your real estate transaction are handled professionally and as seamless as possible for you during this busy period. It is our role to ensure all your legal responsibilities are completed and your rights ensured and protected. Expert real estate associates have vast experience in the field of real estate law. Whether selling, buying, refinancing, or assisting the children with their first time home purchase the expertise to undertake the complete process protecting your privacy and rights is available at our head office.

Identity theft is an increasing occurrence. Let us explain how you can be protected, just one of the many services Zamani Law can provide. Call today for your free consultation.

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Table of Contents
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