• DUI — Drive over 80

    Just because you blew over 80 does not mean that all is lost. These cases have  innumerable technical defences. It is our job as your criminal defence lawyer, DUI lawyerto have the breath readings ruled inadmissible or prove that they could possibly be wrong. With over 30 years of experience we have defended thousands of over 80 charges, impaired driving charges and refuse breath sample charges, and have a very high success rate (over 90 percent). We offer a free consultation during which you will be provided a complete assessment of your case. That is really what you want to know. What are my chances of winning and what is it going to cost?

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    When you attend for your free legal consultation you will get the straight goods from our DUI lawyer in Toronto . We do not want to waste our time or yours. Our DUI lawyer will analyze your case and let you know your realistic chances of winning.


    Our DUI lawyer legal fee is fair and competitive and we have payment plans.

    A Few Possible DUI defences:

    1. Improper arbitrary stop
    2. Improper demand
    3. Fail to provide rights to counsel
    4. Fail to provide rights to counsel in a timely fashion
    5. Improper use of the roadside device
    6. Improper maintenance of breath testing machines
    7. Tests not taken within the appropriate time period
    8. insufficient time between the two tests
    9. too much time between the two
    10. machine malfunction
    11. machine not operated correctly
    12. failure to provide full and adequate disclosure
    13. failure to be provided a trial within a reasonable period of time
    14. in some cases, evidence to the contrary is available – ie. I did not drink enough to blow over and the readings are wrong

    There are far too many possible defences to list all of them on this page. We have only provided a few examples.

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