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Why Choose Zamani Law

One of the most confusing and terrifying processes that one can go through is the criminal justice system. Facing a criminal charge is serious as one can end up with a criminal record or face jail time, which sabotages your future and freedom.

When arrested or charged with a crime, it helps to have a lawyer who understands criminal law and has practical experience dealing with your type of charges, the Crown office, and the justice system. A skilled criminal attorney reviews your case thoroughly, investigates all the elements of your case, guides you, and provides the best options on how to proceed with your case.

Extensive Criminal Defence Experience

Zamani Law has years of legal and trial experience. We have represented clients facing different types of criminal charges, and helped them navigate the justice system to attain favourable results as per their case details. Our lawyers can help you at any stage of the criminal justice system, including bail hearing, plea resolution, and trial.

Tailored Criminal Defence Services

Zamani Law comprises an extensive team of lawyers, research assistants, paralegals, clerks, and other skilled and knowledgeable legal professionals. Our team works together on every case, ensuring that all your case details are thoroughly analyzed, and nothing is overlooked. Through our team approach system, we create personalized defence strategies that suit the particulars of each case, ensuring the best possible results.

Customer Oriented Services

Throughout the years, we have maintained our focus on putting the needs and interests of our clients first. As criminal defence lawyers, our primary goal is to protect your rights and freedoms, and advise you on the best way to proceed, no matter the charge you’re facing. We also take time to explain what your charges mean, the possible penalties, and the best way to attain a desirable outcome.

Comprehensive Criminal Defence Services

Zamani Law focuses exclusively on defending individuals accused of perpetrating criminal offences. As so, our team utilizes their collective experience and knowledge in Criminal Law to protect clients facing any criminal charge. Some of the allegations we specialize in include fraud, assault, driving offences, theft, robbery, and drug crimes. No matter the criminal charge you’re facing, we can offer exceptional legal representation.

Burlington Best Reviewed Criminal Defence Lawyer

Our criminal defence services have earned us a Burlington-wide reputation as reliable, thorough, committed, and effective lawyers within and beyond our community. As legal and trial experts, we are regularly in various Ontario Courts representing clients. Our lawyers are well-respected by the community, Crown Attorney’s office, and the Judiciary due to their vigorous representation and commitment to clients.

Our success in criminal defence practice is evident in the reviews and testimonials written by many satisfied clients and the numerous cases we receive through referral.

Call (647) 931-9335 to schedule a free, no-obligation initial meeting with one of our lawyers.

Practice Areas

Bail Hearings

After an arrest, and depending on the allegation made and your criminal record, the police may hold you for a Bail Hearing, otherwise known as Show Cause Hearing. During a bail hearing, the Court determines whether to release the accused or to have them in custody pending trial. This is one of the most critical stages of a case, as the Court’s decision impacts your freedom and the way the case proceeds.

Zamani Law has conducted hundreds of bail hearings and secured their client’s freedom awaiting trial. We help you find a perfect surety (the person who pledges to watch you if the Court grants you bail) and prepare them for the hearing. With our experience and expertise in bail hearing and bail review matters, we can help you or your loved one overcome any problems that may hinder your Judicial Interim Release.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a “special” category of assault offences. It entails an assault that occurs within a domestic setting or relationship, such as between couples, married persons, relatives, or common-law partners. These offences are quite serious, and they can land you in jail and break up families. The criminal justice system handles domestic violence separately and with great care, so as to find the best solution for the accused and the family. Like any other assault charge, domestic violence allegations have severe consequences on your liberty, employment, and the rest of your life.

If you have been charged with domestic violence, it’s in your best interest to retain an experienced Burlington criminal defence attorney. Zamani Law has years of experience and a proven track record of defending persons facing domestic assault allegations. Contact our lawyers, and they’ll help you or your loved one get the best possible results.

Youth Offences

If you are under 18 years and you’re arrested or charged with perpetrating a crime, it’s regarded as a youth offence, and in most situations, you’re charged under the Youth Criminal Justice Act(YCJA). The YCJA pushes for rehabilitation and reintegration of young offenders into society, as they have a long life ahead, and as young persons, they have diminished moral culpability. Despite the emphasis on helping young offenders back into society and the strict limits on their investigation and prosecution, young offenders still face life-changing consequences and severe punishments if convicted of a criminal offence, including jail sentences and criminal records.

If you are charged with a crime under the YCJA, retain a lawyer who’s well-versed and experienced with the youth system to attain desirable results. This is what Zamani Law provides for young offenders. Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation with an experienced youth offence lawyer in Burlington.

Driving Offences & DUI

Driving offences are some of the most sternly prosecuted crimes in Canada. They include driving under the influence(DUI), impaired drivingrefusing a Breathalyzerdangerous drivingdriving while suspended or prohibited, and over 80. A driving offence charge poses detrimental consequences, including loss of employment and increased insurance premiums. Driving offences carry mandatory minimum sentences aimed at reducing road carnage, including license suspension, fines, MTO coursework, and interlock installation.

Driving-related charges require the expertise of an experienced driving offence lawyer in Burlington, who’s well-acquainted with this technical area of the law. Zamani Law utilizes its years of experience to secure a favourable outcome for clients charged with any driving-related offence. If you’re facing any driving offences, get in touch with our impaired driving lawyers for a free assessment of your case.

Drug Crimes

The possession, production, importation, and trafficking of cocaine, marijuana, crystal meth, heroin, opioids, and other types of illegal and controlled drugs and substances can result in serious criminal charges. Drug crimes are listed in the Controlled Drugs and Substance Act, and they carry drastic penalties based on the type of drug involved and the allegation. Some of the penalties include a criminal record, employment and travel restriction, and jail sentences.

If you or someone you know are facing drug charges, it’s advisable to retain the services of a highly experienced drug offence lawyer in Burlington to get the charges alleviated or withdrawn. At Zamani Law, we stay up-to-date with all the new drug law developments to better defend you when facing drug allegations. Book your free, no-obligation consultation today.

Assault & Threats

Assault is an offence that involves the use of or attempts to use force or violence on another person. For an act to be regarded as an assault, the accused must have intentionally applied or tried to apply force on the complainant without their consent. Assault is grouped into assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated assault, assault causing bodily harm, and simple assault. Threats can also be categorized as assault offences if the words or deeds lead the complainant to believe that there is an impending use of force. Crimes involving violence are prosecuted sternly and carry devastating penalties upon the finding of guilt, including mandatory minimum jail sentences, criminal records, probation, and more. When charged with assault or any related offences, having a skilled attorney by your side can help avert a harsh outcome.

At Zamani Law, we have successfully represented many clients facing different assault and threat charges. With our years of experience and expertise, we can help you attain the most favourable outcome in your case. Schedule a free consultation with one of our expert lawyers.

Weapon Charges

Gun-related offences are on the spectrum of the most serious crimes in Canada. They include possession of unlicensed firearms, reckless discharge of a weapon, importation and tracking of weapons, possession of prohibited firearms and ammunition, and carrying a concealed firearm. Whether it’s a standalone crime, such as possession of a gun, or it’s connected to other crimes, such as theft or assault, a gun charge poses dire consequences upon conviction, including a criminal record and jail sentence. Therefore, to prevent a harsh outcome, it’s advisable to enlist the services of a skilled criminal defence attorney.

At Zamani Law, we are well-versed with gun laws and have successfully represented many clients facing such charges. If you, or someone you know, are charged with a gun or related weapon offence, call our experienced criminal defence lawyers in Burlington for exceptional representation.

Theft & Fraud

Theft and fraud are property-related offences. They entail property acquisition, whether private or public, through devious and fraudulent means such as shoplifting and pyramid schemes. Theft and fraud crimes are categorized into offences under $5,000 and offences over $5,000. Both categories carry severe penalties upon the finding of guilt and can affect the rest of your life. Some of the repercussions that one may face include loss of employment, fines, criminal record, and incarceration. No matter how minor your theft offence is, don’t take chances. Retain a skilled theft and fraud lawyer in Burlington for the best possible outcome of your case.

At Zamani Law, our lawyers have years of experience protecting the rights and liberties of persons facing theft, fraud, and related property offences. Please take advantage of our experience and retain our defence services when facing such allegations. We offer free, no-obligation consultation.

Human Trafficking

According to the Criminal Code of Canada, you can face human trafficking charges if you recruit, transport, transfer, receive, harbour, conceal, or hold another person, or exercise control or influence over the movement of another person for exploitation purposes. Human trafficking charges can arise from a wide range of acts, including forcing people into forced labour or prostitution, forced organ removal, and more. These allegations have severe penalties upon the finding of guilt, with most of them carrying mandatory minimum sentences and life imprisonment. If you’re charged with human trafficking or related offences, it’s essential to get an experienced and aggressive attorney to defend you.

Our lawyers have defended many human trafficking cases through well-devised strategies, which attain favourable results based on the details of your case. If you or your loved one ever face such allegations, retain a lawyer who understands the law and is ready to fight for you. Contact Zamani Law for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault allegations are serious charges in Canada, and they tend to be very complex and sensitive. Such offences include unwanted (no consent) kissing or touching that is sexual in nature and rape. Sexual assault charges carry damaging, long-lasting ramifications, including the addition to national and provincial Sexual Offender Registers and lengthy jail sentences. Sexual-related allegations have become quite complicated over the years, especially with the increased attention to sexual violence through social media platforms. Therefore, when faced with sexual assault charges, it’s requisite to retain a skilled and committed attorney to represent you. Remember, even without a conviction, the allegations alone can ruin your life.

At Zamani Law, we utilize our extensive experience in sexual assault allegations to defend clients facing such charges. Our in-depth understanding of the laws of evidence and other laws surrounding sexual offences enable us to provide the defence required to attain the best possible results for you. Contact our Burlington sexual assault lawyers for a free assessment of your charges.


Robbery entails the use of violence or threats to use violence to steal or try to steal property from another person. Robbery acts are many and range from simple phone grabs on the subways to robbing banks, with or without a weapon, or using an imitation of a weapon. As a crime involving violence, it carries drastic penalties, including a criminal record, lengthy jail terms, and in some cases, life imprisonment. In cases where the accused used a weapon or an imitation of one, the Court is most likely to impose a jail sentence. If you are facing robbery charges, it’s essential to have an experienced attorney by your side to help you fight the allegations and obtain the best possible outcome.

Our Burlington criminal defence lawyers have years of experience representing individuals facing robbery and related charges. Through a personalized approach to your case, our lawyers can devise a strong defence strategy to get your charges dropped or withdrawn in favour of less severe charges. Contact Zamani Law to schedule a free review of your case.


Mischief is a type of property offence that encompasses many illegal acts. One of the most common types of mischief involves the willful destruction or damage of property, including personal belongings, public property, land, computer data, and more. Another form of mischief entails obstruction or interference of property, hindering other people from enjoying its intended purpose. Like other property offences, mischief is categorized into crimes over or under $5,000. The penalties for mischief offences vary as per the type and value of the property involved, and they include fines and possible jail sentences.

If you’re facing mischief charges, contact our Burlington criminal defence attorneys. They’ll protect your rights and freedoms and fight to attain the best possible outcome for you.

Burlington Defence Lawyer

When facing criminal charges, having a passionate, knowledgeable, committed, and experienced criminal defence lawyer goes a long way. This is why Farid Zamani is one of the most sort-after and respected lawyers in Burlington, as these are some of his core qualities. As the founder of Zamani Law, his strong values are the foundation of this reputable firm.

Farid completed his Law Degree at Buckingham Law School in the United Kingdom. He then moved to Canada, where he articled at a prominent criminal defence firm and later became an associate after taking the Bar.

Farid is an aggressive and effective lawyer who utilizes his skills to defend his clients’ rights, character, liberties, and future. Apart from his exceptional skills as a criminal defence lawyer, he is passionate about helping the disadvantaged, especially children, and giving back to the community. This is why he founded Children Without Borders, a non-profit organization that shines a light on child labour and provides education sponsorships.

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If you ever find yourself involved in the criminal process, remain silent, don’t lie, and ask to speak with your lawyer. This ensures that you do not make a costly mistake. A skilled lawyer will offer exceptional legal advice and protect your rights and liberties.
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