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The Court is entitled to invoke orders that restrict the freedom of an accused upon release. These provisions vary from case to case depending upon the circumstances. The Crown prosecutor will often request terms that are excessive.

At Zamani Law it is our job to limit restrictive bail provisions upon release from custody.

Examples of potential restrictive provisions on bail release:

  1. house arrest, only to be off residence when in the company of a surety;
  2. house arrest, but with provision to attend employment
  3. not to have any direct or indirect contact with:
    (a) alleged victim
    (b) co-accused
    (c) potential witnesses
    (d) children under the age of 18;
  4. not to attend at the premises where the offence allegedly occurred.
  5. not to attend the residence, place of work or place of worship of the alleged victim;
  6. not to consume alcohol or other non-prescribed drugs;
  7. not to operate a motor vehicle;
  8. not to possess, or use any communication device or computer;
  9. not to possess any firearms as defined by the Criminal Code.

The possibilities are endless and the Court will consider any request made by a Crown Prosecutor in conjunction with the nature of the charge and the strength of the Crown’s case.

At Zamani Law we will protect your civil liberties and safe-guard the fundamental principles of liberty and freedom of person.

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Table of Contents
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