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Why Choose Zamani Law

When you are charged with a criminal offence, the stakes are typically very high, including a criminal record, damage to your character, and possible incarceration. To prevent severe ramifications, it’s advisable to retain a criminal defence lawyer capable of navigating the complex and intimidating criminal justice system.


Experienced Criminal Defence Firm

Experience is an essential part of any successful outcome in a criminal case. Zamani Law has a team of highly-experienced lawyers and other legal professionals capable of analyzing any criminal case to create an effective defence. Therefore, whichever criminal charge you may be facing, we have handled something similar before, and we can fight to protect your rights and liberties.

Tailored Criminal Defence Services

Criminal offences always vary in detail. This is why our team of lawyers, paralegals, and other legal professionals dive deep into your case to understand all the facts leading to the allegation and the available evidence. This enables us to create a strong, creative, and effective defence strategy tailored to specific case details for the most favourable outcome.

Customer Oriented Services

At Zamani Law, we understand the fear and confusion that comes with criminal charges. This is why our team provides unsurpassed customer-oriented services to guide you through the criminal justice system and ensure that you come out with minimized or null severe repercussions. With us, your needs and interests always come first.

Comprehensive Criminal Defence Services

Zamani Law is a one-stop-firm for all criminal defence services. We are skilled and well-versed with all criminal offences, including driving offences, drug crimes, robbery, assault, weapon offences, and more. We provide excellent legal, technical, and investigative services for our clients and achieve the best possible results in every criminal case.

Barrie's Best Reviewed Criminal Defence Lawyer

An excellent criminal defence lawyer has vast criminal law experience and commitment to his clients’ needs and interests. At Zamani Law, this is what we offer our clients. Our criminal defence lawyers and legal professionals are highly skilled, tenacious, and dedicated to providing the best possible defence against any criminal charges.

Our experience, expertise, and dedication have ensured great success in criminal cases, which has led to our firm’s reputation across Ontario. We are regarded as an exceptional defence firm and an authority in criminal law by our peers and clients. This is supported by numerous reviews and testimonials from individuals we have represented in various criminal cases. Feel free to read the reviews and write one based on your experience working with our law firm.

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We offer the legal representation in all areas of criminal law and justice

Barrie Criminal Defence Lawyer

Farid Zamani, an exceptionally skilled and motivated criminal defence lawyer, is the founder of Zamani Law. He studied at Buckingham Law School in the United Kingdom, where he earned his law degree. He was called to the Bar in Toronto in 2018. He is highly experienced in criminal litigations, having served as an associate in a reputable law firm in Toronto.
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About Farid

Zamani Law was founded by Farid Zamani, one of the most knowledgeable and aggressive criminal defence lawyers in Ontario. Farid studied at Buckingham Law School in the United Kingdom, and after graduating, he came to Canada to practice criminal law. Before starting his firm, he served as an associate with a reputable criminal defence firm in Toronto, where he gained extensive experience in criminal law.

Farid is well-versed in criminal law and the criminal justice system. His experience and detailed understanding of the process and the law make him an excellent lawyer for his clients and a great leader for his team.

Farid is also committed to giving back to society, especially to disadvantaged children. He’s recognized as a humanitarian for supporting children worldwide through different organizations. To further help children, Farid co-founded Children Without Borders, a non-profit organization that raises awareness on child labour and sponsors education.


What Clients Say Farid

I switched lawyers in between my court proceedings as my other lawyer was not responding to any of my inquiries and not attending my court dates. I was involved In a domestic matter and had two pending charges. I interviewed many lawyers and decided to go with Mr ZAMANI because of his professionalism. He got my charges withdrawn and on top of that answered every single one of my questions with great knowledge and expertise. One of the best lawyers I have ever come across and he has a great network and support group who he works with. He is very professional and an exceptional all around lawyer. If anyone needs a lawyer who will be by on their side hand by hand and who will literally give them a peace of mind in a legal matter look no further than Mr ZAMANI.

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