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Why Choose Zamani Law

When you are charged with a criminal offence, the stakes are typically very high, including a criminal record, damage to your character, and possible incarceration. To prevent severe ramifications, it’s advisable to retain a criminal defence lawyer capable of navigating the complex and intimidating criminal justice system.

Experienced Criminal Defence Firm

Experience is an essential part of any successful outcome in a criminal case. Zamani Law has a team of highly-experienced lawyers and other legal professionals capable of analyzing any criminal case to create an effective defence. Therefore, whichever criminal charge you may be facing, we have handled something similar before, and we can fight to protect your rights and liberties.

Comprehensive Criminal Defence Services

Zamani Law is a one-stop-firm for all criminal defence services. We are skilled and well-versed with all criminal offences, including driving offences, drug crimes, robbery, assault, weapon offences, and more. We provide excellent legal, technical, and investigative services for our clients and achieve the best possible results in every criminal case.

Customer Oriented Services

At Zamani Law, we understand the fear and confusion that comes with criminal charges. This is why our team provides unsurpassed customer-oriented services to guide you through the criminal justice system and ensure that you come out with minimized or null severe repercussions. With us, your needs and interests always come first.

Tailored Criminal Defence Services

Criminal offences always vary in detail. This is why our team of lawyers, paralegals, and other legal professionals dive deep into your case to understand all the facts leading to the allegation and the available evidence. This enables us to create a strong, creative, and effective defence strategy tailored to specific case details for the most favourable outcome.

Barrie Best Reviewed Criminal Defence Lawyer

An excellent criminal defence lawyer has vast criminal law experience and commitment to his clients’ needs and interests. At Zamani Law, this is what we offer our clients. Our criminal defence lawyers and legal professionals are highly skilled, tenacious, and dedicated to providing the best possible defence against any criminal charges.

Our experience, expertise, and dedication have ensured great success in criminal cases, which has led to our firm’s reputation across Ontario. We are regarded as an exceptional defence firm and an authority in criminal law by our peers and clients. This is supported by numerous reviews and testimonials from individuals we have represented in various criminal cases. Feel free to read the reviews and write one based on your experience working with our law firm.

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Practice Areas

Bail Hearings

When one is arrested and charged with a criminal offence, in most cases, they’re held in custody for a bail hearing. This is the initial step of a criminal case, and it’s of great significance to the defendant and the rest of the process. During a bail hearing, the court determines whether you’ll remain in custody awaiting trial or you’ll be released under specific conditions. A failed bail hearing may impact your case as it makes it harder for you to work with your attorney, among other things. Getting bail earns you some freedom and allows you to work on your case with your criminal defence lawyer.

At Zamani Law, we are bail hearing experts. We analyze every case and find effective solutions to any issues that may lead to denial of bail. If you or someone you know are awaiting a bail hearing, contact our Barrie criminal defence lawyers for exceptional representation.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is an assault that occurs within a domestic relationship, such as a married couple or common-law partners. Although legally, this is not a separate charge from other assault offences, it’s treated differently by the criminal justice system. Like any other violent offence, domestic assault charges have severe consequences upon conviction, including restraining orders from your family or partners, a criminal record, and incarceration. If you’ve been charged with domestic violence, it’s advisable to rely on the services of an experienced criminal defence lawyer.

Zamani Law has handled numerous domestic violence cases, and we understand the complexities involved. We protect our clients’ rights and negotiate for possible resolutions, and when the case goes to trial, we mount innovative defence strategies for the best possible results. If you are charged with a domestic assault case, contact our criminal defence lawyers in Barrie for a free consultation.

Youth Offences

In the criminal justice system, young offenders are treated differently than adults. When arrested for a criminal offence, they are charged and prosecuted under the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA). The act provides extra protection, limits prosecution and investigation, and focuses more on youth rehabilitation through diversion programs and extrajudicial measures. However, even with the protection from the YCJA, a conviction on a criminal charge has far-reaching effects on a youths’ life, including a criminal record and possible jail sentence. This means that if you’re facing a youth offence, you should consider getting legal counsel.

Our Barrie criminal defence lawyers are well-versed with the YCJA, and they have vast experience successfully defending young offenders. If you or your loved one are charged with a youth offence, call us today, and we’ll start working on your case. Our lawyers will guide you through the youth system and utilize all the opportunities offered by the YCJA to attain a suitable outcome.

Driving Offences & DUI

Driving offences include driving while suspended, impaired driving, over 80, refusing a breath sample, and dangerous driving. In Canada, driving offences pose devastating consequences, including driving prohibitions, criminal records, and possible jail sentences. Driving violations have complex laws, which are difficult to navigate without professional assistance. Therefore, it’s advisable to retain a criminal lawyer to guide you and protect your rights.

Zamani Law has highly experienced lawyers, representing many persons charged with driving offences yearly. We are well-acquainted with the laws surrounding such matters, and we can help you mitigate any driving-related charges you’re facing. Contact our criminal defence lawyers for a free assessment of your case.

Drug Crimes

Drug offences are among some of the most serious criminal charges prosecuted in Canada. They include possession, importation, production, and trafficking of controlled drugs and substances. Drug charges pose serious consequences, including lengthy jail sentences, travel restrictions, criminal records, and employment restrictions. The possibility of such severe outcomes makes it requisite to have an experienced criminal defence lawyer by your side.

At Zamani Law, we have successfully defended clients facing minor allegations to serious drug importation charges. As drug laws keep changing, we stay updated to ensure that our clients benefit from any new developments. If you, or someone you know, are facing drug charges, contact our Barrie criminal defence lawyers for adept legal counsel.

Assault & Threats

Under the Canadian Criminal Code, violent crimes, such as assault and threats, are handled very seriously by the Crown and Court. Assault is the intentional application of force, no matter how little, on another person without their consent. This can be either directly or indirectly, with or without a weapon. Assault offences can be categorized into assault with a weapon, assault causing bodily harm, aggravated assault, and simple assault. Threats can also constitute an assault if the words, deeds, or actions make a person reasonably believe an impending use of force. Assault and threat charges have serious consequences upon a conviction, including mandatory minimum sentences and a criminal record. For these reasons, it’s essential to have legal representation when charged with assault or threats.

If you or someone you know are facing assault & threat charges, contact Zamani Law for expert legal advice. We have protected the rights and liberties of many persons charged with such offences, giving us the necessary experience and expertise to defend you.

Weapon Charges

Gun and other weapon-related crimes are among the most severe charges prosecuted in Canada. Gun crimes include possession of unregistered firearms, carrying a concealed gun, illegal use of firearms, importing guns, and possession of restricted firearms. Gun charges carry drastic penalties, such as suspension of a firearm license, long incarcerations, and criminal records. Therefore, if you’re arrested and charged with a gun offence, it’s in your best interest to seek legal advice from an experienced lawyer.

At Zamani Law, we are well-versed with gun laws as we have successfully represented many clients charged with gun crimes. Our Barrie criminal defence lawyers are thorough, and they utilize effective defence strategies to mitigate gun charges. Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Theft & Fraud

Theft and fraud are property offences. They entail taking or acquiring private or public property through fraudulent methods. There are many offences that fall here, including white-collar fraud schemes, shoplifting, and more. Theft and fraud allegations are serious as they carry life-altering repercussions, including loss of employment, ban from certain premises, and incarceration. If you or someone you know are facing theft & fraud allegations, having an experienced criminal defence attorney can help you mitigate the charges.

Our Barrie criminal defence lawyers have successfully defended clients charged with minor theft offences to those charged with major fraud. No matter how minor your theft or fraud charge seems, having a lawyer can save you from expensive mistakes. Get in touch with Zamani Law for expert legal advice.

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is among the most sternly prosecuted crimes in Canada. According to the Criminal Code of Canada, you can face human trafficking charges if you recruit, transport, hold, receive, transfer, or harbour another person. You can also be charged with human trafficking if you control or influence another person’s movements for the purposes of sexual or forced labour exploitation. There are many other crimes that can lead to such charges. Human trafficking allegations carry drastic penalties, including mandatory minimum jail sentences for some offences.

Zamani Law has years of experience representing persons charged with human trafficking and related offences. If you’re facing such charges, our Barrie criminal defence lawyers have the expertise and resources required to defend you and attain the most favourable results.

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault encompasses any crime that is sexual in nature, including unwanted touching and kissing and forced intercourse. These charges are serious, and they carry extreme long-term consequences, including the addition to the National Sex Offender Registry, mandatory minimum incarceration, loss of employment, and a criminal record. Even without a conviction, sexual assault allegations may have devastating consequences on your life, which is why it’s essential to retain excellent legal counsel.

At Zamani Law, we have the knowledge and experience to handle any sexual assault charge. We guide you, protect your character and rights throughout the process, and strive to attain the best possible results through creative defence strategies. Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation.


Robbery entails using force or violence or threats to use force or violence to steal or attempt to steal another persons’ property. As a crime involving violence, robbery has severe penalties upon the finding of guilt. These include criminal records, incarceration, and in some cases, mandatory minimum jail sentences. To avoid or alleviate such severe penalties, one should retain an experienced criminal defence lawyer.

Zamani Law criminal defence lawyers have successfully represented a ton of clients facing serious robbery challenges, giving us the skills to handle any robbery allegations. We exhaustively examine all the case details and create a good defence strategy to attain optimal results. Call us for a free assessment of your case.


Mischief is the willful destruction or alteration of private or public property, rendering it ineffective, useless, or dangerous. Mischief charges are categorized into offences over $5000 and offences under $5000. Depending on the offence, one may face up to 8 months in prison for minor mischief acts and 2 to 25 years in prison for serious mischief charges. The penalties imposed vary depending on the value and type of stolen property and the complexity of the crime.

When charged with mischief, having a skilled lawyer by your side can help mitigate the charges and obtain favourable results. At Zamani Law, we have lots of experience protecting persons charged with mischief and other property-related offences. If you, or someone you know, are facing mischief allegations, contact our Barrie criminal defence lawyers for exceptional representation.

Barrie Defence Lawyer

Zamani Law was founded by Farid Zamani, one of the most knowledgeable and aggressive criminal defence lawyers in Ontario. Farid studied at Buckingham Law School in the United Kingdom, and after graduating, he came to Canada to practice criminal law. Before starting his firm, he served as an associate with a reputable criminal defence firm in Toronto, where he gained extensive experience in criminal law.

Farid is well-versed in criminal law and the criminal justice system. His experience and detailed understanding of the process and the law make him an excellent lawyer for his clients and a great leader for his team.

Farid is also committed to giving back to society, especially to disadvantaged children. He’s recognized as a humanitarian for supporting children worldwide through different organizations. To further help children, Farid co-founded Children Without Borders, a non-profit organization that raises awareness on child labour and sponsors education.

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