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Criminal prosecution starts immediately after being arrested and charged with a criminal offence. Without proper legal advice, this will be the beginning of a daunting process, which will result in resounding repercussions that will ruin the rest of your life. The good thing is, with an experienced criminal defence lawyer by your side, the results may be different.

Zamani Law criminal defence lawyers are highly skilled and experienced lawyers focused on protecting the rights and liberties of persons charged with criminal offences. Our lawyers are thorough, committed, and passionate about criminal law.

Experienced Criminal Defence Lawyers

Zamani Law comprises highly experienced and qualified lawyers who have successfully represented numerous clients in varying criminal charges. The lawyers are led by Farid Zamani, a highly accomplished criminal defence lawyer and founder of Zamani Law. Our criminal defence lawyers’ experience and expertise enable them to analyze cases thoroughly and devise creative, comprehensive, and effective defence strategies. Even with their in-depth understanding of criminal law, Zamani Law attorneys continue to enhance their knowledge and sharpen their skills to provide the best defence for our clients.

Tailored services

Zamani Law is an all-inclusive criminal defence firm. This means that our Newmarket criminal defence lawyers are well-versed with all criminal laws, and no matter the charges you’re facing, they can defend you. Some of the criminal charges Zamani Law can help you with include assault, drug crimes, human trafficking, weapon offences, fraud, sexual assault, driving violations, and more. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation on any criminal charge that you may be facing.

Our Clients Come First

At Zamani Law, we take a personalized approach to each criminal case that we handle. As your attorneys, we analyze the particulars surrounding your criminal case and create a customized, high-quality solution. Our lawyers work in conjunction with ambitious paralegals, law students, administrators, and other team members to deliver exquisite services to our clients. Get in touch with our lawyers for a free consultation on your criminal case, and get exclusive criminal defence services.

All-inclusive Criminal Defence Services

Zamani Law criminal law firm was established to defend the rights, reputation, and liberty of individuals accused of perpetrating criminal acts. Whether you’re facing drivingassault, robbery, drugweaponsexualfraud, or young offenders’ charges, our highly experienced criminal lawyers can defend you.

Newmarket's Best Reviewed Criminal Defence Lawyer

Zamani Law was established to protect and guide clients accused of criminal offences in Newmarket, the GTA, and the rest of Ontario. Over the years, we have achieved this and continue to do so through teamwork, critical analysis of cases, law expertise, negotiations, and excellent trial skills. Our success has built us a great reputation with clients, colleagues, and the Crown’s office.

Our exceptional legal representation is backed by reviews from clients that we’ve helped. Check out our google reviews, and feel free to write one based on your experience working with our Newmarket criminal defence lawyers.

Our Practice Areas

We offer the legal representation in all areas of criminal law and justice

Criminal Defence Lawyer in Newmarket

Farid Zamani, an exceptionally skilled and motivated criminal defence lawyer, is the founder of Zamani Law. He studied at Buckingham Law School in the United Kingdom, where he earned his law degree. He was called to the Bar in Toronto in 2018. He is highly experienced in criminal litigations, having served as an associate in a reputable law firm in Toronto.
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About Farid

Zamani Law was founded by Farid Zamani, a criminal defence lawyer with a passion for protecting clients facing criminal charges. Farid Zamani undertook his Law Degree at Buckingham Law School in the United Kingdom and came to Canada to practice his exceptional skills. He worked as an associate lawyer in a top criminal law firm in Toronto, where he heightened his expertise and decided to start his practice.

Farid is an aggressive lawyer with excellent negation skills, deep legal insights, and creative defence strategies, which he utilizes to secure favourable results for his clients. As the diligent leader of Zamani Law, his values, legal skills, and success as a lawyer motivate the rest of the team members to provide exquisite services and attain outstanding results.

Farid’s zeal to help people is also recognized in his humanitarian work, where he helps needy children within the community and beyond Canada. He is a co-founder of the Children Without Borders foundation, which raises awareness on child-labour and sponsors education for disadvantaged children.

Newmarket Area Criminal Law Resources

Newmarket Courthouse and Crown Attorney’s Office

In Newmarket, criminal cases are litigated at the Ontario Court of Justice and Superior Court of Justice located at 50 Eagle St. W. The two courts hear all the criminal cases of persons arrested within the Newmarket region.

As your legal counsel, Zamani Law will keep you updated on your court dates. To confirm your set dates, you can check, where the cases to be heard for the next two days are posted.

The Newmarket Crown Attorney’s Office is also located at 50 Eagle St. W. This office is responsible for investigating and prosecuting criminal cases within Newmarket. At Zamani Law, we challenge any evidence and arguments that the Crown brings before the court regarding your case. In other instances, we resolve cases through negotiations, which eliminates the need for a trial.

Here are the contact details for the Newmarket courthouse and Crown Attorney’s Office:

Newmarket Courthouse

50 Eagle St. W.

Newmarket, ON L3Y 6B1

Newmarket Crown Attorney’s Office

50 Eagle St. W.

Newmarket ON L3Y 6B1

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