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The truth goes a long way in civil, criminal, and other types of proceedings. It saves the Justice and other parties involved time and ensures proper administration of justice. But what happens when someone lies in court under oath or provides a false sworn statement?

Perjury is the willful provision of false testimony or statement under oath. In Canada, lying under oath is a serious criminal offence as it distorts or perverts the course of justice. The consequences of a perjury conviction are quite severe, including possible jail time, fines, and probation.

If you are facing perjury charges, it’s requisite to retain an experienced criminal defence lawyer. At Zamani Law, we have years of legal and trial experience and understand how the justice system works. Our firm can protect your rights and fight for the best possible outcome in your perjury case.

Provisions by The Criminal Code of Canada

Section 131 (1) of the Criminal Code of Canada provides that:

  • subject to subsection (3), every one commits perjury who, with intent to mislead, makes before a person who is authorized by law to permit it to be made before him a false statement under oath or solemn affirmation, by affidavit, solemn declaration or deposition or orally, knowing that the statement is false.
  • Subject to subsection (3) every person who gives evidence under subsection 46(2) of the Canada Evidence Act, or gives evidence or a statement pursuant to an order made under section 22.2 of the Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Act, commits perjury who, with intent to mislead, makes a false statement knowing that it is false, whether or not the false statement was made under oath or solemn affirmation in accordance with subsection (1), so long as the false statement was made in accordance with any formalities required by the law of the place outside Canada in which the person is virtually present or heard.

As per the Canadian Criminal Code, providing any false information or evidence with the intent to mislead justice can lead to perjury charges. If charged, do not hesitate to contact a skilled criminal defence lawyer for legal representation.

What is the Penalty for Perjury?

The courts take perjury extremely seriously as it corrupts the legal process and perverts the administration of justice. For example, if someone testifies under oath in a criminal proceeding and lies, they can lead to the defendant’s conviction on false grounds. This may cost them years in prison and destroy their reputation.

Although it’s hard to prove perjury charges, successfully convicted persons face harsh penalties. Perjury offences are straight-up indictable offences, and, as per the Criminal Code, the maximum penalty is 14 years in prison.

When facing such severe penalties, it’s crucial to seek legal guidance. An experienced lawyer can protect your rights and freedoms and devise a strong defence against your perjury charges.

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Perjury charges are not mere criminal offences as they carry severe penalties, including lengthy prison time upon a finding of guilt. At Zamani Law, we have the experience, knowledge, and resources to help our clients navigate the justice system and obtain a favourable outcome.

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Table of Contents
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