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Toronto criminal law firms

Zamani Law is a criminal defence firm in Toronto that provides legal representation to persons facing criminal allegations, and the defence of those accused of crimes. It was founded in 2000 by its current President and Attorney, Farid Zamani. Lawyers at Zamani Law typically handle clients from across Ontario, ranging from commercial and residential business disputes to individuals facing charges for a variety of offences including murder, armed robbery, fraud, assault, possession of firearms, and more. The firm has been noted as having a proven record of handling difficult cases successfully. Zamani Law was founded in 2000 by Farid Zamani, an attorney who had been defending some of the criminals that he was unable to represent due to lack of time or resources at other law firms. Farid Zamani established Zamani Law after deciding to focus his full-time on criminal defence work. Sokol stated in a 2007 interview that he founded Zamani Law because he felt the duty of his profession was to offer free legal advice to those who are unable to afford it. He chose the name Zamani (which means “World”) because he felt the need to treat every person as if they were his world. The firm has been well received for its efforts to represent clients in high-profile, difficult criminal cases. Farid Zamani has also been known to act as a consultant to the police as well as to other high-profile defendants facing difficult criminal charges.

Toronto criminal law firms

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Toronto criminal law firms

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